VVDI key tool EU/ ME/NA SW 2.4.1 Available

VVDI key tool EU/ ME /NA SW 2.4.1 available

1.Add VVDI universal smart key(PROX) generate.

2.Add PSA renew.

3.Fix remote frequency test.

4.Optimize remote clone.

5.Optimize ID48/ID46 transponder clone.


Here images of VVDI prox key

VVDI key tool 2.4.1 test report:

Today download vvdi apk, install and paring with key tool without problem (Honor 7). Read DST80, online calculate and writing to tpx02 – OK (after precode to ID70 on Tango).



With v2.4.1 eu tryed two id46,one berlingo and one Honda transalp, both failed(sniff),rw4 was straight away on both, with 2.2.2 never had problems so went back to 2.2.2,anyone else had problems with the new update?



By the way the Xperia phones have something different – I also experienced problems with older versions of the VVDI Key Tool app but with the latest version everything is OK. Huawei Honor also had some issues earlier but now they’re gone. So just update to latest version if you haven’t already.