VVDI BE key update information (December 29, 2017)

Here VVDI BE key newest update information.

  1. Fix the bug that W164/W639 EIS data doesn’t synchronize the key.
  2. Fix the bug/faultthat the BE key stop work after repeatedly turn ON the ignition without remove key out from EIS/EZSfor example with work on diagnostic…switch IGN OFF—ON for erase faults…then car not start
  3. Fix the bug/faultof trunk remote open on cars where power lifts on trunk door mainly..
  4. Fix the bug that the BE key only sent RF signal for one time, after update, the RF signal can be sent for two times when press and release the key.
  5. Modify the rolling algorithm, fix some errors of BE key.
  6. Add pre-roll algorithm: the HASH value can roll ahead.
  7. Adopt car-grade quartz crystal, improve infraredcommunication stability.
  8. Boostthe infrared signal when you press the button.


  1. Support resetting the key frequencybetween 315MHZ and 433.92 in the way of VVDI MB tool or the PCB SMD resistor

Tip: VVDI MB tool has priority over the SMD resistor, which means if you reset the key frequency with VVDI MB tool at first, the SMD resistor won’t work, and you need to use the VVDI MB tool to erase the frequency then use the SMD resistor.


The way to reset the frequency with the PCB SMD resistor:

Weld the 1K SMD resistor on the position the arrow points and the frequency is 315MHZ, after remove it will be 433.92MHZ.

VVDI-BE-key-1 VVDI-BE-key-2