Volvo V50 Tachometer correction with digiprog 3 (fixed)


Problem before entering:


I am trying to change mileage on Volvo V50 2004 dash with digiprog3 odometer master clone v4.94.


I have downloaded a German version user manual and soldered 3 wires as shown in German manual (checked pin numbers). Adapter 51 has 4 wires. Pin 25 (white on original, or orange on clone) left unsoldered. I’m getting “ERROR INIT” message on screen. Processor is MC9S12DG128B. I selected HCS12 in digiprog 3.


What I’m doing wrong? Then I contacted my dealer. The technician helped solve the trouble. It should work for whom has DP3 on this dash.


I checked the Volvo V50 HCS12 user manual with digiprog iii again, and noticed that at least 4 wires, vss, vdd, tx and rx should be soldered.


I posted the attachment they provided.

volvo v50 odometer correction digiprog3



  1. Remove and disassemble tachometer.
  2. Connect as shown in the photo above the plug 51 with the marked soldering points. 3. PICTURES on the following page
  3. Select the program: cars / trucks -> VOLVO -> V50 HCS12.
  4. The DIGIPROG displays the old / wrong Mileage.
  5. Program and completed the new / correct Mileage.




NOTE: Pin-signal= end of white wire in first picture


The job needs good soldering/ desoldering skill. Lucky, the problem was settled.