Volvo S60 2010-2018 add smart key by Autel IM608 (jump wire on Bench)

This article is available with the procedure on how to use Autel IM608 to add Volvo S60 2010-2018 smart key (jump wire on Bench).

Tap “Volvo”.

Manual selection.


2010 -2018.

Semi Smart Key.

Semi Smart Key System (CAN).

Read CEM security data.


The programmer PC software is required to be connected to the XP400 for performing this function.

  1. Please remove the CEM according to the Operation guide, follow the guide under the 03-IMMOBILIZER /VOLVO/ VOLVO-CEM-TYPE1/8KX8/E2 DATA menu to connect the transponder correctly, and then read and store the E2 DATA security data.
  2. Please save the stored security data into the Scan /UserData/Volvo file on this device.

Tap “programming” in the Autel IM608.

Tap “Chip”.

Chip read & write.

Tap “IMMO”.

Tap “Volvo”.


Follow the operation guide.

  1. Need 12V power supply.
  2. The chip login password consists of 7 bytes, stored in the FLASH. If the login password is indicatively incorrect during reading or writing, please ensure the login password in the SEC and confirm and then execute “Read”.


Schematic Diagram.

Back to tap “Read”.

Reading chip…Don’t unplug the USB cable, please wait…

Tap “Save”.

Tap “Volvo”, then “Smart key”, then get ” No file”.

File save successfully.

Tap “ESC” to select ” E2 DATA”, then “Read” again, and save file successfully.

Tap “ESC” to install the CEM.

Then insert the key and press the “Start / Stop” button.

Tap “IMMO” on the Autel IM608, then “OK” -> “Volvo” -> “Manual selection” -> S60 -> 2010- 2018 -> Semi smart key -> Semi Smart Key System (CAN).

Add Semi-smart key.

Please press START button by following the on-screen instruction.

Note: CEM security data are required for performing this function. They can be obtained data loading or OBD reading.

Select Yes to use data loading and select NO to use OBD reading.

Please select Yes or NO.

I select YES.

Note: please load the central electronic module (CEM) security data of this vehicle.

Press OK to select the corresponding CEM security data.

Press Cancel to exit.

The security data can be re-selected by going back to the main function interface and re-entering the system.

I select “OK”.

Security data decoding completed.


  1. This function applies to the learning of the semi-smart key (to be inserted to start the vehicle). The smart key can be learned successfully, but the remote control will be invalid.
  2. Please verify the type of key first.

Would you like to continue?

Please close all doors, insert the learned key into the key slot and turn the ignition on.

Please turn the ignition off. Remove the key from the key slot.

Number of learned keys: 2

Maximum permissible number of keys:6

Tap “Learning”.

Key learning successfully.

Test if the new key works.

Job is done.

Autel IM608 is really a great key programmer for Volvo S60 2010-2018 add smart key.

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