Obdstar Jaguar 2015 – start key programming coverage and manual

This article is available with Obdstar (X300 dp plus or X300 Pro4) Jaguar immobilizer key programming coverage and operation manual.

A. DP -> Diag program -> Jaguar V30.32 -> Select from vehicle, coverage:

2015 – (Make Start Key)


jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-01 jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-02 jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-03 jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-04

B. Select from type:

Blade (Type 1: Key number; all keys lost (withPin or without pin), type 2)

Proximity (Type 1 – type 6)


jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-05 jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-06 jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-07 jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-08 jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-09

C.Enter “2015 – (make start key)” and have menu:

Erase smart key, make start key, read key id.


Tips in the obdstar machine:

Operation steps for Make Start Key:

1.Read KVM/RFA data, and KVM/RFA module installation position is as follows:

A.Right side of the trunk, applicable models: F-PACE2016-2017;


B.Right side of rear seats, applicable models:XF 2015-2016,XE 2015-2017,XFL2017;


Read CPU data:

After disassembling the KVM/RFA module housing, use a programmer such as Xprogto read and save the EEPROM and FLASH data of the CPU.CPU model:MC9S12XEQ384;

Wiring areas are distinguished between encrypted and unencrypted types, as shown in the figure below:


Note: Different programmers may have different wiring. For the encrypted type, it must be decrypted first, then read, and the reverse writing does not require encryption;


3.Copy data

Copy the D-FLASH and EEPROM data of the KVM/RFA module to the U disk or SD card, then insert the U disk or SD card into the device, and copy the data to the”Local backup data”folder of the device, as shown below:

jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-15 jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-16

Go back to the Make Start Key menu and select”Make Start Key”;

Select D-FLASH and EEPROM data files;

Select the blank key position(00000000) and click “Make Start Key”;

Connect P001 programmer and put the new key on P001 programmer, as shown below:


Make start key successfully, select exit, and save generated data(automatically generate the file name, same path as original data);

Copy the generated D-FLASH and EEPROM data from the device using USB flash disk or SD card and write it into the RFA module with the programmer;

jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-18 jaguar-2015-make-start-key-with-obdstar-19

Load the KVM/RFA module back into the vehicle, then test each key whether it can start the vehicle. Then it is complete.

And vehicle information.