Update! VVDI Mini Key Tool enables remote renew function

Update in November 2019 ! VVDI Mini Key Tool adds “remote renew” under “Special functions” by working together with extra XDKTR1EN Renew Adapter 13 – 14 (SK203-F1) or Renew Adapter 1-12 (SK203-F), which is as the same as that of VVDI KEY TOOL.


Please upgrade your VVDI Mini Key Tool to software V1.7.4 and firmware v1.6.1:


I said above, VVDI Mini Key Tool is not packed with the renew cable, you are supposed to buy separately.

Look at XDKTR1EN Renew Adapter 13 – 14 (SK203-F1):


Look at Renew Adapter 1-12 (SK203-F):


Look at Renew MK3 cable for vvdi mini key tool & vvdi key tool:


Take Hyundai 4-button remote unlock for example:

Tap “Remote Renew”, then Hyundai & Kia, then SVI_HMFNA04


Connection wiring diagram of SVI_HMFNA04.


Tap “Unlock” button.


Remote renew successfully.