Traffic/Vivaro 2009 key coded with Xhorse, Autel, Lonsdor, OBDSTAR

Traffic/Vivaro 2009 coded key, which key programmer is verified successfully? Xhorse Key Tool Plus or Autel or Lonsdor or OBDSTAR?

  1. Autel Im608

IM 608:

Good internet

Battery support

Tablet charged

Aftermarket remote

Follow on screen instructions carefully


Image 1: Autel IM608 Renault Traffic 2002- 2014 coverage.

Image 2: Autel IM508 Renault Traffic 2002- 2014 coverage.

  1. Lonsdor K518ISE can program Renault all cars more than 20 5 min. work.

Did trafic 2015 today and flashing pincode reading and programming key was all ok with Lonsdor k518. No need internet connection. Megane 4 obdstar x300 no need internet connection too.

Refer to Lonsdor K518ISE Renault coverage:

RENAULT/Select from vehicle/Trafic/2002- VIN with VF1*L

RENAULT/Select from vehicle/Trafic/-2002

RENAULT/Select from vehicle/Trafic/Trafic II Ph2.

RENAULT/Select from vehicle/Trafic/Trafic II Ph3./2010-2014

RENAULT/Select from vehicle/Trafic/Trafic III (4A)/2014-/System 1

RENAULT/Select from vehicle/Trafic/Trafic III (4A)/2014-/System 2

RENAULT/Select from vehicle/Trafic/Trafic III (4A)/2014-/System 3

  1. Obdstar x300dp Plus does new trafic/vivaro and new clio4 megane 3/4 etc.

Battery support and hold process take about 25 minutes. I’ve did Trafic with X300 before get Autel.

Refer to obdstar x300dp plus coverage:

Here are Renault Trafic function list:

  1. Xhorse Key Tool Plus: it said wrong pin. This error mean not supported. Anyway, better offer the serial number to Xhorse engineer for the tech support.

Hope it helps!

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