Toyota All Keys Lost Programming with Launch X431 IMMO Plus/Elite

Launch X431 IMMO Plus/ X431 IMMO Elite is able to generate simulator key and add smart key to Toyota all keys lost with IMMO data. X431 Simulator KeyX-PROG 3 immobilizer programmer and VCI connector are needed to work together.

Menu function path:

Select Toyota anti-theft diagnostic software latest version (i.e. V10.10)>> Immobilizer/Keys Programming>> Vehicle mode>> Other region>> RAV4>> 2019-2021>> Smart key>> Type 9

Step 1: Read immobilizer data

Select Read immobilizer data (OBD)

This function is used to read the immobilizer data of the vehicle smart box, which can be used to perform immobilizer related functions without passwords.

Confirm to perform no-remove ECU function. (this function only can perform once a day.)

Turn on the ignition switch

Read immobilizer data successfully, then input the name of bin file (Rav4) to save the data

Backup data successfully

Step 2: Generate simulator key

Pay attention to the note:

1)lf all keys are lost, this function can generate simulator key. You need to prepare the programmer and simulator key when performing the function.

2)Use this simulator key to get close to the Start button and illuminate the instrument, then perform the Add Smart Key function.

3)Ensure the key is not powered off during the entire execution process.

Choose the Rav4.bin file just saved in step 1 to generate

Generate simulator key successfully

Step 3: Add smart key

This function is used to match a maximum of 6 keys, corresponding steps need to be completed within the specified time.

Turn on the ignition switch

Turn the double flashers on, and turn the ignition off

Check whether the current vehicle immobilizer data has been read

Choose the Rav4.bin file again, and place the analog key close to the START button

Wait a moment until the smart key is successfully matched with X431 IMMO Plus/X431 IMMO Elite key programmer.


Launch X431 IMMO Plus with X-prog3 and VCI Connector:

Launch X431 Simulator Key: