Tips: VW 4th immobilizer lost all key and program new key


As a senior car locksmith, I would like to share some tips on making new keys when the VW 4th immobilizer lost all keys. I am sure it is very helpful after reading my following tips.

image002For some car models, such as:Golf 6 with Motorola chip, Tiguan with 95320 dump and Skoda 1.8T, when the car owner lost all the keys and with no spare key, the dashboard can be communicated, the key copy machine can be plugged into the OBD2 diagnostic port to read out the data and generate dealer key without needing to remove dashboard.

You need to pay attention to the dashboard that can’t be communicated and fail to directly read out the data, take Foday car for example, it needs to remove the dashboard to read the data and match new keys.


Before remove the dashboard, strongly advice you firstly backup ABS encoded data, you can use any of 5053 or 5054 to read out coding and backup, or use the ABS encoding and backup function of VVDI. By the way, the 5054 and VVDI I am using are from, it is a good supplier.

If the ABS code has no backup, then you need to take much more attention. Don’t start the vehicle if the key didn’t finish matching or the SAFE letter didn’t disappear, otherwise the car will fail to start and the ABS code will get lost.

image003And you will see anti-skid light flash, direction of power light flash and sometimes tire pressure light flash or Electronic Power Control(exhaust gas) light flash.It will take some troubles for the locksmith, firstly try to use some scanner tools to erase trouble codes and reset the indicator light, if it cannot work you have to ask the advanced expert to decode ABS again, this is the worst thing you are not willing to do, because you will be charged money and the car owner maybe lose trust in our locksmith.

I hear an exciting news saying the VVDI factory will add the function of ABS encoding reset, wish it is true, and take much convenience to our locksmith.