ODIS Online Programming Service & ODIS CPN User Instruction

November 21, 2019 uobdii 0

uobdii.com is available with ODIS Online Programming Service and ODIS CPN Proxy Geko Access license. Aiming to help the user who has VAS5054A / VAS6154 and ODIS software to perform online coding performance. Read the following parts for a quick “How-to” guide.

Free download VAS5054 PassThru Drivers 64bit

November 16, 2018 uobdii 0

VAS5054-PassThru-Drivers-@-64bit https://mega.nz/#!oI0QAKTJ!RLRUbSQL7m9YNkGNXqZ7WQnZ-u7bksejJouT7eIH-HQ Password for rar file is: R0TURB0_VAS5054_PassThru_@_64bit – on win7 64bit is ok and working. – Passthru is only USB, because of speed stability […]

Which one VAS5054A to buy?

April 4, 2017 uobdii 0

There are 5 kinds of VAS5054A, therefore some first-time users may be confused…they all seem the same, not sure if there is a difference…