Techstream No Interface in ‘VIM Select’, Why and How to Do

Have Toyota Techstream v14.00.018 to run and come across the issue “I can’t see any interface  when I go into ‘VIM Select’. I use Mongoose Pro cable and it works with other software. My system: Windows 7 64bit.

Why this happened?

Something about software conflict. If you have HDs, IDS or JLR installed on the same computer, I’d start by getting an OS where none of them is installed.

How to do next?

  1. I got it to work again.
    As suspected issue was triggered by me when playing with Honda HDS/i-HDS.
    To make it fun, in my system problem occurs when I uninstall SPX MVCI drivers(I don’t have such interface at all) which are part of HDS.  That’s the moment I lose all interfaces in Techstream.
    That in theory should have nothing to do with Techstream, but it does. I can easily reproduce it. I tried that.
    I can’t explain why it happens exactlly. Probably there is still some conflict in Windows, since such correlation shouldn’t exist. At least I have now Techstream and HDS working again on my machine.

    I still would like to know in which file of Techstream there is an option to force which interface it will use.

Good to know:

Someone may ask Just reinstalling hds / mvci fix the issue or have to reinstall techstream also ?

My experience is: No need to reinstall Techstream. Just HDS with MVCI.

Any other solution?

No need to uninstall. Go to regedit >


Good luck!