Suzuki Wagon R 2019- Add New Key by Xhorse Locksmith Tool

Which Xhorse tool can add new key to Suzuki Wagon R 2019- ?

You can perform the key programming function by the following Xhorse devices.

  1. Xhorse Key Reader+ Dolphin XP005
  2. Xhorse Key Tool Max with Mini OBD+ Dolphin XP005
  3. Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad

Check the detailed operations.

  1. Xhorse Key Reader+ Dolphin XP005

Step 1: Identify key info with Xhorse Key Reader

Insert the key into Key Reader Blade Skimmer

Tap Vehicle database >> Suzuki >> Swift >> new (After 2019) >> HU87R >> OK >> Optical identification >> Identification >> Identification

Then it starts identifying automatically

Just need a few seconds to read out the Bitting codes

Identification successfully

It’s 3423124312

Step 2: Cut new key with Xhorse Dolphin XP005

Put a new key blank to be cut on clamp and fix in advance.

Tap To cut>> Cutting key >> Cut

Wait a moment to cut the key till the process is completed

After key cutting, take out the key and insert to cylinder to test

It can switch the lock. The bitting is same as the original one.

  1. Xhorse Key Tool Max with Mini OBD+Dolphin XP005

Step 1: Cut key on Xhorse Dolphin XP005

In DOLPHIN interface

Tap Vehicle database>> Suzuki>> Swift>> Swift-new

Fix the original key on the XP005 key cutting machine to decode key

Pay attention to the on-screen instruction

After key decoding, take out the original key and fix blank key to cut

Cut key successfully


Step 2: Generate Remote on Key Tool Max

Switch to KEYTOOL MAX interface

Tap Vehicle Remote>> Suzuki>> T55R0 17- DZIRE A type 1586

Put the key to Key tool Max detection coil to generate remote

Burn success

Step 3: Program key on VVDI Mini OBD Tool

Plug Mini OBD into the vehicle’s OBD port

Insert the original key to turn the ignition on

Switch to Mini OBD interface

Connect MINI OBD Tool and Key Tool Max via Bluetooth

Tap Immo programming>> Maruti Suzuki>> DZIRE>> NEW DZIRE>> Start execution>> Input pinout

Send the on-screen ID code to the makers to query the security code

Then manually input the security code received

Hold the new key where the logo on the remote is facing and touching the start/stop button with the key

Program key successfully

Program another key with the steps above

Key programming process is completed

Test the new key, works well

  1. Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad

Menu operation path: 

IMMO Programming>> Maruti Suzuki>> Select from vehicle>> DZIRE>> NEW DZIRE>> Free Pin Code (Old)