Super MB Pro M6 Benz Diagnostic Tool Review

SUPER MB PRO M6 is new released mb star diagnsotic tool, it can support original Benz dealer diagnostic software, update firmware without installing the battery, also support Mercedes-Benz models, covering 12v car, 24v diesel truck & bus, MPV, etc. Moreover, it’s adopts the framework concept of original C6 diagnostic tool, perfectly replace normal MB SD C4/C5. It’s better to work with the original manufacturer software, It can work with V2021.3 SSD or V2021.3 HDD .

Super MB Pro M6 Features:

1.ABS+PVT plastic structure adoption
1) Impact-proof & easy to carry
2) Lower consumption on product shell against wireless signal
3) Great advancement of wireless communication distance & stability

2. Built-in network interface prevents deformation and damage from impact.

3.It is the only diagnostic tool on the market that is highly consistent with the original MB Star C6:
1) Fully compatible with the original software.
2) You can directly upgrade the newest firmware without installing additional driver.

4.Compatible with the Mercedes Benz models with protocol DOIP, K-line, CAN Low, Can High, LIN, RS485, etc, works with the old cars and new cars.

Super MB Pro M6 Test:

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