Stuck with 6NR update with 9c FSC code

Car model:

An BMW F07 from 2010

BMW coding tool I use:

I’m using E-Sys 3.22.5  and Daten version which is based on I-Step F001-15-03-500


I’ve successfully imported the 9c FSC code. If I read out the log it shows “status accepted” for the code.

Then I’ve changed the VO by adding 6NR, and I’ve changed the Zeitkriterium to 0911 (It was originally 0310, but I retrofitted a Combox).

Saved the VO to the car, and Coded the Combox and CIC modules.

The result is that I don’t have BMW Apps and that my rear view camera has disappeared.

I tried to go into the CAFD, but in the version of the Daten I have loaded it only shows the “.”‘s (dots) instead of the options. I haven’t tried with an earlier version yet, so perhaps that could be the problem.

combox is working perfectly.

Problem analysis and professional suggestion:

Use older files or TokenMasters Launcher, you can find it with the search on the bimmerfest forum. But VO coding should be possible, this is what I have in my VO:

1CA,1CB,1CD,223,229,230,248,255,2ST,2VA,2VH,302,31 6,319,322,323,3AG,402,416,423,428,430,431,441,456, 488,494,496,4CB,4NB,4UR,4UY,502,508,522,524,548,5A C,5AD,5DF,601,609,610,614,615,616,620,644,677,698, 6AA,6AB,6AL,6FH,6FL,6NF,6NR,6VC,775,7SP,801,851,86 3,879,8KA,995

Everything original with the exception of the Combox.

Changed the VO date to 0911, but Combox was also working when I had it on the original VO date of 0310.

Ok, rear view camera didn’t work about the video inputs has been changes about BMW apps, so this must be FDL coded.

But BMW apps should be displayed… No Connected Drive in the Menu. Still says BMW Services.

The following process I did:

I’ve made some interesting progress. When I started the car this morning all of a sudden the “connected drive” menu appeared and BMW Apps is working!

So, it looks like perhaps it needed a reboot of the CIC after coding.


– There is no sound coming from the iPhone if I put it in the cradle, although it does connect. Prior to installing BMW Apps (with the 9c FSC code) I did have sound from the cradle.

– From the cradle I get an error that says “no plugin compatible device connected”

– Through the USB cable everything is fine.

– I’ve lost the rear view camera view. I’ve looked at the CIC CAFD and played around with the RCV_CIC setting. Right now it’s at 1, and I’ve also tried 21, but no luck. Could it be anything else?

Then the answer I got is:

For iphone sound via cradle need to fdl code usb2 to digital in cmedia. 6nr vo code seta it default to analogue.
For camera input code rvc_cic to wert_23.
For Plugin need to install FBAS line between cradle and CIC, will work only iphones/ipods with old connector not lightning connector.

All this is related to cradle used.
Music adapter can`t plan video, Music adapter was available as Mulf 2 High was up to date.

Media cradle was available for iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S with Lightning, Audio was analog with Aux.

The latest cradle is called Connect, this cradle is designed for cars with NBT system, but if you code the combox USB2 to digital, it will work in cars with Combox, too.