Kess v2 error “External exception EEFFACE”

I replaced chip and reset tokens, then get connection error “External exception EEFFACE” as the picture shows.

Try follow steps:

1.If you connect to internet with this clone tool,or make online update .The interface is destroy/broken

1.–Buy a new NPX chip with 60 tokens inside. Desolder the old NPX and change it with new.It cost 14-20USD, some users call this chip as CPU Repair Chip, available at: . Note: NPX is out of stock in some sites now, because the newest KESS V2 need not replace NPX, the NPX is preinstalled in the machine .

2.–or you have to weld a connector on backside of interface ,and plug the J-link programmer.
You can reset the Kess v2 to virgin. UOBDII.COM is available with J-link V8, cost about 20USD, user can buy at: . Note: the newest KESS V2 V2.06 is packed with J-link V8 programmer, no need buy additional one.


Details about j-link v8 solve Kess V2 master tokens limited problem:

Step 1. Buy one LPC2478 chip to replace the original one for KESS V2 master.

Step 2. Prepare for a LINK J-LINK V8 ARM USB-JTAG Adapter Emulator.


Step 3: weld a connector on backside of interface.

kess V2 PCB

Step 4: plug the J-link programmer

kess V2 PCB_1

Also you can watch video in kess v2 master package to program the chip.

I hope it can solve your problem.