(solved) Renault CAN CLiP v159 ISO LED not light up

Here is how to rework a Renault CAN CLIP PCB interface recognized by clip software with the reference 926573 to make ISO LED light up and work with the NISSAN CONSULT 3 software.

can-clip-can-iso-light-up (1)
CAN electronic board :

can-clip-can-iso-light-up (2) can-clip-can-iso-light-up (3)


ISO electronic board :

can-clip-can-iso-light-up (4) can-clip-can-iso-light-up (5)


This interface is down, the green ISO LED does not light up ! !

Looking for a bit more meadows, using a multimeter we can see that the ISO LED is controlled
directly from microprocessor on CAN electronic board via component and 2×35 points connector. So I redid the welds of
these components.

Another point on the CAN electronic board at the voltage converter 3.3Vdc -> 5Vdc ( LTC1871 ),we found a power MOSFET
in case SOIC8 . I guess it is a FDS7760A following the LTC1871 datasheet (the reference of the component being buffed ! ) Here:

can-clip-can-iso-light-up (6)

This component is cooled through the ground plane ! This is why it is slightly over- high.
Moreover, a drain tabs ( in this case the pin5 ) is not welded ? ?
So I resoldered this component properly, taking care of the well -plated to ensure contact with the runway under

After a test table with a 12Vdc power supply, again, the green ISO LED on CAN CLIP lights up.