(Solved) Freelander Engine trouble and codes not erase


Freelander Engine Trouble Description:
A couple weeks ago I started having problems with motor functioning. Somewhere between 1000-2000 rpm there is a hesitation and then recovers for a few seconds then reappears. At first symptoms occur rarely but now it happens more and more often. Then after a few rounds of hesitation car enters limitation. If you stop the engine for a few minutes and remove the key from the board limitation disappears. What is stranger is that when there is limited symptoms. The diagnosis is another issue. 2 months ago I did an oil change. Then I got the diagnosis on the car, and wanting to reset oil service interval, the SDS began making the software update without me I asked and without him cannot stop. A cud some time and somewhere in the middle of the operation gave an error, something about the CCF and then stopped. Assume that error occurred because the ECU software was modified. Finally, after the whole thing right on this car, the only remaining symptom was an error related to “Left and Right Headlamp swiveling motor circuit” and a flickering light bulb in the dashboard. What I noticed after this story is that I have a ton of untested DTC that they cannot remove the SDD site. So the event does not happen with oil RESTAR can delete all the DTCs, including untested. Initially I had changed the engine ECU software but I was to put my software representative normal to see errors in diagnosis, but Unfortunately I active error when scanning from outside of the lamp. Not to have errors particulate filter I put a resistive divider connector from differential pressure sensor. As a novelty, the new ECU software is not happy with 0.54V must be somewhere in the 0.6-0.7V.

I thought each module was used outside the network and CAN was disconnected from the system.
Perhaps it’s a problem or CAN buses was a problem somewhere once and have saved those errors.
But it’s weird that you say that you can not erase … The errors, if everything is fine, you can delete and remain sterile. If there is a problem, then they reappear the next cycle contact. And one more thing … Maybe your CCF is not correct or is deleted. Should be (re) load the CCF’s AS-BUILT and Seen from that point.

Asking for recommending interface at a reasonable price:
The only thing I can do with it is to read and reset error particulate filter. What interface can be used for diagnosis and to be at a reasonable price?
SDD to recommend:
I bought a JLR Mongoose from the east of uobdii.com.

What SDD can do?
You can reprogram the ECU engine; you can even change the one I got this car used.
‘s a mating procedure “new” Engine ECU to the body and do not need when cloning.
you can see real time a lot of parameters, not just the engine.
All this is implemented in the SDS.
SDD But the only problems reading files VBF . Oh …. and can not read loads of ECU. Just write in VBF.
But this is not a problem. If you file writing can be “encapsulated” in VBF format and written in ECU.
Si based firmwares of SDD site contains executable and maps for the engine ECU.

Solved engine problem and have maps problem arise:
I solved the problems of the engine. Hose entering the damper was leaking and losing pressure. I changed all section of the intercooler to the damper, plus tab with a new one. I’m thinking of replacing all silicone tubing with one sport. I found this kit removed the old tab to see if cogwheels sant treatment and to my surprise all teeth trench OK but one of the last tooth cogwheel that engages the tab that was broken, but it has no effect. Blocked and I also EGR- ul. I can say that it feels a major improvement at low engine speeds, is more agile and more flexible. Remain to solve software problems.

Some news: it is true that my file was modified DPF OFF software automatically. It changed ECUsafe2. I got a file identical to the one we had after we passed through ECUsafe2 original. managed to extract from the file I encrypted all the files in ECU BdmToGo using WinOLS. EDC16CP39 has three memory areas: one serial, external CPU, 4KB where the VIN appears and I think something about the CCF, an external 2MB CPU memory where the motor maps and I think some executable code and 512KB internal CPU memory where the executable code. I also managed to read the memoirs of BDM ECU that I bought. What is interesting is that it comes from a car without DPF, automatic gearbox without Terrain Response. reading of internal memory CPU is identical to what I have. The difference arises between engine maps. Missing Terrain Response maps but the necessary DPF regeneration. There are differences between existing maps, I suppose because of the automatic transmission and the lack of DPF’s.

You can find all the original maps (all firmwares) in the SDS database community.

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