I Have a Great Experience with Launch X431 iDiag

I Have a Great Experience with Launch X431 iDiag
-One Automotive Technician Journal
I am an automotive technician working for an auto 4S store, every day I need to fix different car models for different car owners. As we all know from 1996 year most American-standard vehicles adopt OBDII protocol and accordingly generate kinds of diagnostic tools to work with OBDII-protocol vehicles. In general, I use two kinds of OBDII diagnostic tools, one is handheld OBDII scan tool without working with computer, another one is PC-based diagnostic tool which work with computer and mainly designed for professional auto repairman. My garage life goes on like this day by day, the car owners send me the troubled cars and I help diagnose and repair.

Until one week ago, my garage life begins to be full of pleasant surprise, I was introduced a new-born OBD2 scan tool developed by Launch, it is Launch X431 iDiag.
After trying for one time, I find X431 iDiag has many great advantages superior to the common OBDII scan tools I’ve used before.

1, save money and free to buy any software i need
X431 iDiag has the same function as X431 master IV and X431 Diagun III, but compared with the 900USD master IV and the 780USD Diagun III, iDiag save a lot.

How to save? The iDiag seller only supply the hardware less than $ 100USD, and then what specific diagnostic software we need, we go to Launch official website (http://www.dbscar.com/) to buy and it costs $ 66 USD/per car model, therefore if I were a car owner, it only costs me 159USD (99USD hardware + 66USD software) and it realizes professional diagnostic function for all systems of a single car model, like Engine, airbag (ABS), SRS, chassis and etc, while most common OBD2 scanners only support diagnosing a part of electronic systems.

How many car brand software to buy, it is as you will. To buy all Asian car software, it costs 699usd 42 car models in total; to buy all European and American car software, it costs 799USD 31 car models in total. Therefore, to diagnose all Asian car models, I spend 792USD (699usd software+93 USD hardware), to diagnose all European and American car models, I spend less than 900USD (799usd software+93 USD hardware). Moreover, OBDII and DEMO program of X431 iDiag is free of charge; I could use them to do some basic diagnosis before I buy any software.
In a word, I like it for it is accessible to order any number of car diagnostic software I want and avoid the software I don’t want.
2. Support online-update
When the official website releases newest software version, I could log in to download them and work with newer car models, it is so perfect.

3. Support all electronic systems not a part of systems
No matter what a single vehicle model, multiple vehicle models or all vehicle models, X431 iDiag support diagnostic function for all systems.
X431 iDiag cover all electronic control systems including: Engine, A/T, ABS, SRS, Body Control Module, Vehicle Theft Deterrent, Instrument Panel Cluster and Radio.
On the contrary, most common code readers only work with a part of electronic control systems.

4. Work with iPhone and iPad, very convenient
X431 iDiag work with iPhone and iPad not work with computer, therefore I can use iPhone or IPAD to diagnose the cars anywhere anytime, no need to take the heavy computer. Do you think it is complicated to install software on iPhone / iPad and use iDiag to diagnose cars? No, there are mainly 6 steps: 1. Install software on iPhone or iPad, 2. Login at Launch official website, 3. Register product, 4. Buy and download software, 5. Plug DBScar connector into DLC socket of vehicle, 6. Bluetooth linking , 7.Start to diagnose car and choose the ECU type you want to test. As shown in the following diagram there are operation instructions to follow.
5. I lost my iPhone with the installed iDiag one day……
The day before yesterday, I lost my iPhone with the installed iDiag software. I felt very anxious for I thought I have registered the CC number and pay the software, and then I need to pay double the price? Fortunately, I was told I can use another one iPhone or iPad to login with my registered account to download the software, it is allowed to login X431 iDiag on three different iPhone and iPad. I am very happy with such a smart function.

6. X431 iDiag works with the old car with not OBDII protocol?
I tried to use X431 iDiag to work with the old car with not OBDII protocol, I succeeded. iDiag only contain one 16pin DBScar connector, how do I realize? I spent a little extra money to buy some connectors to connect the 16pin DBScar connector cable and the vehicle diagnostic socket (DLC), like: Fiat 3pin connector, Chrysler 16pin connector, Mercedes Benz 38pin connector, etc. While, the common code reader only supports OBDII-protocol vehicles. The following picture shows how to connect DBScar with the DLC.

7. through the “Social Circle” to get instant info from headquarters engineer
Though as an experienced technician, I have no idea how to do when face some puzzled troubles.
Many thanks to X431 iDiag “Social Circle” function; just click it and I could contact senior engineers from the headquarters for instant help.
Besides, I never miss “My Space” “Instant info” options, it also provides me more helpful assistance.
8. Language is customized according to IP address
X431 iDiag available with: English, French, Russian, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese.
It is not surprised, right? But it is customized according to IP address, how to realize?
When I use my local area connection to register and log in Launch official website, it could identify my IP address and switch to my official language.

9. Simple and lightweight package
If I only need to diagnose the vehicles with 16pin diagnostic socket, X431 iDiag only contains: 1pc X431 Auto iDiag Scanner main unit, 1pc OBD2 cable, 1pc iPad Case and 1pc Password Paper.
It is very simple and only weight 1.1KG. Compared with the 9.5KG-weight X431 Master IV, iDiag is very easy-to-take and save a lot of shipping cost.

X431 iDiag has so many exciting advantages that I can’t list them all, I strongly suggest you have a try. The only disadvantage is that X431 i Diag ipod touch can work very well with the gasoline vehicles, but can’t work with the diesel vehicles, hope it can do in the near future. In a word, X431 iDiag diagnostic scanner is a best choice for the DIY repairman, newly-opened workshop and big repair shop.