(Solution) SVDI Product Description and Serial Number display differ from software and hardware

After click SVDI Device: 0 Property, if you find the Product Description and Serial Number is not as the same as that pasted on SVDI hardware, then follow the bellow instruction to fix it.
1. Diconnect USB devices and connect SVDI Diagnostic tool  to PC to launch “FT_PROG.exe” software. Click “Search Icon (Magnifying style)” to check hard disk information (as shown picture below).

2. Apply Template

Right click to select “Device0″>>”Apply Template”>>”svdi-temp.xml” file (as shown picture below)

3. Program Template
Click “Program Devices (Lightning style)” to selct”Device0″. Then click “Programe” button to start programming. Wait patiently until programming completed. Disconnect USB and reconnect to launch SVDI software.