2014 bestselling cheap old BMW SRS airbag reset tool

According to uobd2 sales statistics, B800 SRS airbag reset tool for old BMW sales (from 1994 to 2003) rank the first place among all the airbag reset tools, about 200 pieces within 9 month in 2014 year.

B800 package: B800 Interface with 16pin connector, 20pin connector and a good instruction manual and a codes table so you not only can reset it, but you can also see what set it off. BMW B800 is easier to carry around than a laptop and accessories.
BMW B800 is easy to use, 3 steps to operate.
1)Airbag warning light on, need to clear crash data and turn off light.

2) Turn on key (DO NOT START CNGINE)
2.) Plug tool into diagnostic connector Tool is ready to use when it displays “FA”. (Reverse steps 1and 2 if you encounter problems).
3.) Use the “Scroll” button to select any of the following function, including: FR (Read Airbag Faults), CR (Clear Airbag light/Faults), therefore it worked perfectly to clear air bag code, code has not returned.
4) Airbag warning light is off.


BMW B800 is tested successfully on these old BMW models: E36s, E36 E46 Z3 Z4 E34 E38 E39 E53 X5 E65

Last but not least, BMW B800 is only 26USD plus free shipping around the world, therefore If you have a local car club or even just a few local nuts, charge them 10 bucks to reset it and the tool will pay for itself.

Additionally, if you want to reset airbag for new BMW, BMW ICOM is the best choice. BMW ICOM details at: