(Solution) KTAG master ECU programmer clone connected to Internet error

Here are two working solutions for you— when you connect KTAG K-TAG ECU Programming Tool to Internet unconsciously and K-TAG is locked. (Both two solutions are tested on forum, but still try on your own risk)


Problem 1:

I have met trouble with my Chinese clone KTAG master SW V2.13 FW V6.070. I connected the device to internet and now show C0000 in customer code and now 0 tokens. Anybody has a solution to this?

ktag-ecu-programming-tool-connect-to-internet-lock-1 ktag-ecu-programming-tool-connect-to-internet-lock-2


You need new SD card of 4GB. Format new SD card fat 32, plug it in ksuite 2.08, with Update folder of 6.070, launch ksuite and start update. After finish all OK, with 30 tokens.


Problem 2:

My KTAG ECU programmer has been connected to Internet, now it’s locked! The client and group code just changed to C5555, I put new SD card in and it still not working. Now customer code changed to C5328 and all protocols have been grey out! Can someone please help me to unlock?




Replace the Update folder with below one in KSuite and run software internet OFF. It should help you out.

K-TAG Update folder download link: