Scania sdp3 2.43.01 Win7 64bit installation + activation

Sdp3 2.43.01 is tested working great with Scania VCI3, this article is available with the sdp3 2.43.01 new features, win7 64bit installation procedure and activation.


Firstly come with sdp3 2.43.01 compatible hardware:

1. Scania VCI3 with Wifi (item no.SH58): confirmed


2.Scania VCI3 with Wifi (item no.SH58-B): failed so far



Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Chinese.


OS: Windows 7 32 & 64 bit,  Windows 8/8.1 32 bit, Windows 10 32 bit.


Scania SDP3 2.43.1 new features:

It can support Scania heavy duty trucks and buses till year 2020.

C, K series buses

This issue contains additional support for the next generation of buses.

Electric vehicles

This issue contains additional support for electric vehicles.

New wizard on deleting recall campaigns

The Delete recall campaign message in the instrument cluster wizard has been added. This can be found in the function view under functions for connected vehicles.

System-specific new features

VIS – Extended troubleshooting support for the AVAS control unit, E531

Extended troubleshooting support is available for the AVAS control unit, E531, which manages the acoustic vehicle alert user function. Its purpose is to inform vulnerable road users of quiet vehicle operation by means of an audible signal.


Next is Scania sdp3 2.43.01 win7 64bit installation and activation:

Youtube video first:


Then words and images below:

1.Copy Scania sdp3 2.43.01 from disk (E:) to the desktop.

2.Open the “Scania sdp3 2.43.01” on the desktop, then run “Adobe Reader 9.2 – Setup“.

Next -> install -> Next ->Finish.

scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-03 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-04 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-05


3.Back to the folder “Scania sdp3 2.43.01” to open “NDP462-KB3151800-X86-X64-AllOS-ENU”.

Extracting files; .NET Framework 4.6.2 Setup; installation is complete.

scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-06 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-07 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-08


4.Back to open “Scania Diagnose & Programmer 3 2.43.1”,  click on: Next -> I agree -> Install -> Next- > Ok (make sure that the VCI unit and the SDP3 USB key are disconnected from the computer before continuing with this installation.)

Complete the SDP3 2.43.1 setup.

scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-09 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-10 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-11 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-12


5.Back to “SDP3 patch”, then “prereqset64v3” ;

Copy “prereqset64v3” , and go into the Local Disk (C:) to new create a folder “fix” then paste “prereqset64v3” into it;

Click on “Start” at the desktop, input “cmd”, right click on “cmd” and select “Run as administrator”;

Copy and paste “cd C:\fix” after C:\Windows \system32>;

Copy and paste ” prereqset64v3″ after ” C:\fix>_;

You will see “The operation completed successfully”;

Exit cmd.

scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-13 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-14 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-15 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-16 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-17 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-18 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-19 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-20


6.Restart the PC.


7.Open “SDP3 patch” and check the computer properties, as you can see it is WIN7 64bit; so please open “x64”, then “install” until you see “Driver installed successfully.”



8.Back to select “Hardware ID Reader”.

Please send the ID to your supplier and wait an activating file, then run the file until success.

Note: before activating, the “Hardware ID reader.exe software can’t be closed, otherwise the activation will fail.

scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-22 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-23 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-24 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-25 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-26


9.Open “SDP3 Patch”, then “fix” to copy the two files; meanwhile right click on “SDP3” at the desktop and select “Properties”, then “Open file location”, copy and replace the two files “SCOMM_SSK.dat” and “SCOMM_SSK_HL.dll”

scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-27 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-28


10.Restart the computer.


11.Run “SDP3”.

Click on “Yes” to update VCI.

scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-29 scania-sdp3-2-43-01-win7-setup-30


12Next is to use SDP3.