Reset Landrover service interval with JLR Mangoose SDD

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to reset service interval for Land Rover Freelander L359 2010 with JLR manggose pro SDD (current V142) diagnostic scan tool.


NOTE: The procedure is applied to all 2005 up SDD available Land Rover and Jaguar models.


Service interval reset:


Well install V142 or older SDD software followed the video instruction below:

Mangoose SDD V142 on VMware

JLR SDD V139 on Win XP


Run JLR SDD software on the desktop

Launch SDD (Symptom Driven Diagnostic) software

Reset Landrover service interval with JLR Mangoose SDD

Connect the mangoose or mangoose pro cable with vehicle

Click “Auto Read VIN” when well communication is built

The system will automatically read VIN and then display vehicle information


Select “Diagnosis” function

Symptom Selection and click “Continue”


Click “Recommendations”


Click “Run”, locate Special applications: Service interval reset


Click “Agree” to accept warning message

Turn ignition to ON, press tick icon to continue

Ensure an approved battery charger is connected. Press tick button to continue.

Turn ignition to OFF and continue

Processing car configuration file data is completed.

Again turn ignition switch to OFF

Service interval: Read the vehicles time and distance related is completed


Global real time: Read the vehicles time and distance related is completed


Turn ignition to OFF and continue

Turn ignition to ON position again

Resetting the service interval is complete

Switch ignition off

Switch ignition on

Clear the fault codes? Press tick to continue

Clear the fault codes completed.


Switch ignition off

Initializing… Press tick to continue

Set the ignition switch to on.

Control module procedure completed successfully. Press tick to continue

Turn ignition switch to off. Press tick to complete

Back to the Service Functions menu