KESS V2 V2.08 FW4.036 read VAG Passat EDC17 IN Tricore


I just read the VAG EDC17 ecu with KESS V2 firmware V4.036 Master ECU tuning kit, here is a little walk-through test.


ECU: Passat 2.0TDI 2000 with BOSCH EDC17C46

Programming way: in Tricore Boot Mode

Operating system: I loaded OK on Win 7 laptop




Though KESS V2 (FW 4.036) K-suite software has released to the newer V2.12/V2.13, I prefer using Ksuite V2.08 (cause I’ve seen several KESS V2 owners worked perfect on fw 4.036 and 2.08).


I have already loaded V2.08 on the laptop and directly open the Ksuite on desktop.

Press on car icon button

Pull down the vehicle list and select my car model and ECU type

kess v2 read VAG Passat EDC17

Then referred to the EDC17 ECU tricore boot mode instruction


Select the plug-in needed: BOSCH EDC17 C46 VAG (P269)

Select TOOL-> ECU DATA, wait the KESS V2 ECU programmer to process until it reached 100%


Task successfully completed. This time, select “READING” ECU, starting communication, identifying ECU…


Successfully read vehicle information. Proceed to read ECU

Reading ECU is in progress. Name the ECU data and save the ECU data to a certain folder.


Job’s done.