Renew BMW F series PCF7953 remote key with CG Pro 9S12 + CGDI BMW

CGPro can unlock and renew hundreds of car keys, this function is similar to the “Reset to factory settings” of the mobile phone. One-key operation and data initialization make the car keys look new, so that we can use them again. In the following paragraphs, we will show you how to use CGPro 9s12 programmer to renew BMW F series car key, please renew the other models’ key in the same method.


01. Test the key status

In order to show this operation function more realistically, CG engineer bought a second-hand key and used the CGDI BMW to detect that the key is locked.

02.Key parameter information

Open the back cover and remove the battery , you will see the key frequency is 434MHz and number is HUF5767, just take a photo and record them, then remove the entire key board.

03. Key chip model

The chip is on the front of the key board, 28Pin, and the model is PCF7953. interface operation

Open CGPro software, click “model”, select “Function -> Car brand -> model”, enter the operation menu.

Note: CGPro software does not have the key number HUF5767, and we choose the general option: Huf-F series 434 frequency. If you have the same situation as me, you can refer to my choice, and the effect is the same.

05. Measure the solder joints

CGPro software only comes with the chip pin diagram, including pin 1, 12, 7 and 6. We need to measure the solder joints on the key board using a multimeter.


The second image is the key renew wiring diagram, if it is the same as yours, you can refer to it; if there is a slight difference, please use a multimeter to measure the solder joints.

06.Wiring of chip solder joints

Be sure to double check the chip solder joints by using a multimeter, ensure that each solder joint is correct and communicable.

07. Key renewprocess

After confirming that the wiring is correct, click the red button at the left corner, and the CGPro device will automatically renew the key. The whole process takes about five seconds.

08. Detect thekey again

After the key is renewed successfully, disconnect the cable, reinstall the key into the shell, and use the CGDI BMW to test again, when it prompts “the key is blank”. Now, the second-hand keys is renewed and can be used again.

  1. Write data for verification

Actually this step is not necessary. The entire process of key renew ends at step 8. In order to show you a complete functional experience, CG engineer load a copy of CAS4 data and select the blank key bit to program, it prompts: key programming is successful!

The key programming is successful, indicating that the renewed key is completely reusable, CGPro programmer + CGDI BMW did a great job.