Rangerover evoque KVM key AKL solution: Mart tool wins SDD, AVDI, VVDI

To program Rangerover KVM key when AKL, Mart tool is winner, such as mart tool program fk72 kvm, did on bj32 kvm for evoque, transponder programmer Jaguar/landrover 2015, 2015 Range rover that couldn’t be done with AVDI is not recognized, while Mart tool can do.

Car model: Rangerover evoque 2012


The customer has his 2 original keys, but don’t work anymore so I assume the keys were deleted and a new one programmed, because it was stolen and the customer now has it back.



The customer has asked me to program his original keys back to his car.


KVM programmer to use:

1.original vcm, using up to date SDD: failure

using SDD I cant program keys. I then bought a new KVM, I still cant program it. In configure new kvm, SDD asks to turn ignition on, this cant be done, it then says Failed. It wont go any further than that. I then bought another KVM, exactly the same, wont program.

I have original vcm, using up to date SDD with full rights as a independent. I have programmed 15 plus new kvm’s to rangerovers or landrovers and never had an issue. I always push the start button when it says turn ign on.


Advice 1:

If you go to specification screen does it show communication to RFA module? Also make sure you have battery support on and the headlights are on (if not this can result in no comms). If you wanted to program old keys you would first try the recover keys procedure. Let me know the answer to above.

Note. On the later Evoque MY14> it is common to get no comms on new RFA as it comes pre flashed for dual CAN and not multi CAN though this will not be an issue for your MY of vehicle.


Answer 1: Yeah is comms with RFA. It has 2 faults in as well, module not programmed and no keys programmed. I have my battery support on it as well, always when doing programming. I dont think the head lights were on. I tried with hazards on.
It also fails on the recover keys option in extras.


Advice 2: use a combination of skp900 and sdd

I dont think sdd can, we usually use a combination of skp900 and sdd, when it asks to turn ignition on, we disconnect mongoose cable and connect skp and force ignition on, once ignition is on, we connect mongoose cable back quickly and continue the process.


Real test: Mart tool KVM programmer is the best for its price

  1. I did one last week. you will need some tools. cheap or any you can buy. so i had a car with all keys lost. and someone did try to add keys with skp900 and locked kvm. so had to buy a new kvm. and was a waste off money coz i did not use it. not that i couldnt. then i figure it out there was no need. i bought a very cheap tool from china and 4 keys. all cost 160 usd.

    the tool was Mart tool KVM programmer. cost like 70 usd
    i bought 4 keys coz i didnt know what frequency the car had so i bought 2x 315mhz and 2x 433mhz.
    opened the kvm and read with xprog. there are some videos on youtube and well explanation on china websites and even pinout for kvm. theu use vvdi prog. but xprog does the same job.

    you only need to add keys on kvm locked or not. you can add the 4 keys.

    first you add the first key on key number 3. it will generate 2 files, use those 2 files to add other key on key number 4 and continue doing so with other keys. once you have the last key added use generated file to write on kvm. and all you need is to put back kvm and use remote to unlock doors and smart key is working… on videos says mart tool program fk72 kvm. but i did on bj32 kvm for evoque.

    i also read the virgin kvm from the virgin kvm that i bought to save a backup.

    will share it.


this virgin kvm works for BJ32 and DPLA
it uses
mcu MC9S12XET256 secure


Pass is Abdul1983


i would advice to use old kvm and use mart tool to add keys even if kvm is locked. mart tool will even show you vin number. just compare it.



2.transponder programmer Jaguar/landrover 2015 cant read transponder Mart tool for 90 USD work well


3.Don’t get too excited about the KVM issue.
2015 Range rover that couldn’t be done with AVDI is not recognized.
A tool called “Mart Tool” came out with the same thing a few weeks back.

mart-tool-is-winner-02 mart-tool-is-winner-03 mart-tool-is-winner-04


4.I just check with dump from forum. VVDI recognize as well.
I have 2 types key: PCF7945 Hitag2 + PCF7953 Hitag Pro ( Hitag 2 already programmed with LR Sport 2010 without issue by Truecode)

1/ When i put Hitag2 7945 key and check key, VVDi cannot see the key

2/ When use 7953 Hitag Pro, VVDi detected and tell key not programmed with dump.

Now need test write key in real car to be sure if it work.

mart-tool-is-winner-05 mart-tool-is-winner-06


5.i never had to use vvdi2. To program range rover. Normally i use mart tool or jlr sdd

That means, if vvdi can do, so no need buying mart tool.



Yes mart-tool ok, but I can’t remember if it connects to server and need internet? otherwise there can be problem if server switched off.


Answer: Actually, it doesn’t use server or internet. its complete offline. very nice tool for its price. did test and got happy.