iProg Pro 76 review: Toyota Avensis 93C46 change km – SUCCESS

I’m here to answer “Does the iProg Pro 76 clone work good?”


Vehicle: Toyota Avensis Denso 93C46


Test 1: change km

iprog+ clone and Toyota dashboard wiring:

iprog-pro-v76-toyota-1 iprog-pro-v76-toyota-2 iprog-pro-v76-toyota-3

iprog read out old km: 1270

iprog-pro-v76-toyota-4 iprog-pro-v76-toyota-5 iprog-pro-v76-toyota-6


iprog write a new km: 815210


then read km again to confirm the odometer correction is successful



Test 2: read eeprom 93C64

iprog pro 76 is able to read eeprom 93C64 for the car

iprog-pro-v76-toyota-9 iprog-pro-v76-toyota-10


Job’s done!


iPROG+ CLONE work or not: YES!


Hope it’s helpful!