R270 R270+ CAS4 BDM Programmer 35080 080D0WQ EEPROM (review)

This blog is about R270 R270+ CAS4 BDM Programmer function review on 35080 080D0WQ EEPROM etc. All results are tested OK by our customers or forum guys!


r270-bdm-programmer-for-bmw-cas4-1 r270-eeprom-supprot-list-2ss

All work in circuit, no adapters with it. For me R270 works with EEPROM 35080 never failed me! And I also tested R270 on m35080v6, it works great!


I tested R270 BMW CAS4 BDM Programmer and I must say that works very well M35080 and 080D0WQ, MCU like HC908 in VW, Renault airbags, EZS W203, W211…M35080V6 not tested yet.


For all 35080 100% work

For 912 work 100% but for 68hc08 no work


R270 always work fain to 35080 and 080DQ EEPROM. It is good tool for me!


I tested R270 M35080 and 080D0WQ OK

M35080V6 no go.


I’m using R270+ Programmer tested on cas2 cas3 and cas3+ read write all ok and on 35080 worked as well.


Maybe it is helpful as well! Check it to learn how R270 work on M35080:

How R270+ Programmer Read& Write & Erase BMW M35080?