How Does ELM327 Clear Toyota Corolla TS Fault Codes in 3 Steps

ELM327 wireless scan tool can read both generic and manufacturer-specific codes and display their meaning on Android Phones. This article will teach you how to read/clear Toyota Corolla TS fault codes.


Some additional functions: It works with all OBD-II compliant vehicles. Besides reading and clear fault codes, it can also display current sensor data.


Vehicle: Toyota Corolla TS

Tool needed: V1.5 MINI ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 interface ($7.99 with free shipping)

Android Smart Phone


Let’s go to the detailed procedure:

Step1: Prepare

Connect ELM327 to the car, the jack usually is placed above pedals


Turn the ignition to contact ELM327, no need to turn on the ignition (but you can do just in case)


Be sure to shut the headlights down to empty your accumulator.



Step2:Pair with Bluetooth

Turn on Bluetooth


Use Bluetooth to find OBDII and pair with it.

The pass is 1234 or 0000

elm327-clear-toyota-corolla-ts-fault-code-06 elm327-clear-toyota-corolla-ts-fault-code-07


Step3: Read & Clear Fault codes

Then open [Torque] application, if you don’t have this app, download it at Android app Store


The blue car icon means the device is connected successfully.


Click [Fault Codes] and tap to scan fault codes. Wait for a while.

elm327-clear-toyota-corolla-ts-fault-code-10 elm327-clear-toyota-corolla-ts-fault-code-11

No fault codes stored in ECU


If you have fault codes in ECU, clear them here


And you can search online for solutions. Of course you have your phone connect to internet.

elm327-clear-toyota-corolla-ts-fault-code-14 elm327-clear-toyota-corolla-ts-fault-code-15 elm327-clear-toyota-corolla-ts-fault-code-16


After everything has done, turn the contact off, then you can take of the ELM327 code reader.