Original NEC Pro57—The best Mercedes Benz Key Programmer in the world!

Have you ever being disappointed when your Mercedes Benz key programmer failed to make keys for every Mercedes in your garage? Do you want a Mercedes Key programmer that works fast and well? Original Mercedes Benz NEC PRO57 is the best one that just fit the bill.


To be honest, I should say that the original NEC Pro57 is really the most powerful Mercedes Benz Key programmer in the world. However, taking into account that the price of this product is expensive, personally, I think this NEC Pro57 is not suitable for DIYs or individual owners unless you are so much well-off. As the old saying goes, give a man means to fish better than give him fishes, I recommend Auto repair Merchant to own it which will help you earn much more money in the future.

Unlike most Mercedes car key programmer on the market, NEC Pro57 can program keys directly without dissemble. It supports:

  1. EIS Programming, erase EIS, erase ELV etc.
  2. ESL Programming
  3. ESL W204-W212 Renew
  4. Renew EIS incl. NEC IC
  5. Read data incl. CAN Adapter
  6. VIN Write New
  7. Read and Write BE Key
  8. All key lost and Keyless go
  9. Full technical support
  10. Many other functions is included only in NEC PRO57

You should know not all Mercedes key programmers in today supports making without original keys, but NEC Pro57 has made this idea come true.


Car Coverage List For NEC PRO57:

A-class W169 (2004-2010)

B-class W245 (2005-2010)

C-class W203 (2003-2007)

CLK-class W208 (2001-2002)

CLK-class W209 (2003-2008)

C-class W204 (2007-2009) with NEC in EIS

E-class W210 (2001-2002)

E-class W211 (2002-2007)

E-class W212 (2009-2010)

CLS-class W219 (2004-2009)

S-class W220 (2001-2005)

S-class W221 (2005-2009) with NEC in EIS

CL-class W215 (2001-2006)

CL-class W216 (2005-2009)

SL-class R230 (2001-2009)

SLK-class R171 (2004-2009)

G-class W463 (2002-2009)

R-class W251 (2005-2009)

M-class W164 (2005-2009) with NEC in EIS

GL-class X164 (2006-2009) with NEC in EIS

Vito/Viano W639 (2004-2009)

Sprinter W906 (2005-2009)


 Mercedes Benz NEC PRO57 ESL Renew Process Display:

original-mercedes-benz-nec-pro57-pic-1 original-mercedes-benz-nec-pro57-pic-2 original-mercedes-benz-nec-pro57-pic-3


Write New VIN Number Process Display:

original-mercedes-benz-nec-pro57-pic-4 original-mercedes-benz-nec-pro57-pic-5 original-mercedes-benz-nec-pro57-pic-6 original-mercedes-benz-nec-pro57-pic-7 original-mercedes-benz-nec-pro57-pic-8



The tool seems great, and is it easy to use? Well, if you are interesting in it, you can view the user manual below:


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