Autel MS908P do online SCN coding to Mercedes W169

Generally, there are two options to perform Mercedes-Benz SCN coding:

– with Star diagnostics, e.g. SD connect c4 with XENTRY/DAS (you can get it from

– by using full diagnostic systems like Autel MS908P (the only full system for programming in the market)


Here take Mercedes W169 032 to do scn coding using AUTEL MS908P kit.



Make sure stable and enough power for use

Well connect Autel MS908P diagnostic system and J2534 ECU programmer (Autel MS908P contain J2534 ECU Programmer)with the car



Part 1 – confirm vehicle info

Select Diagnosis-> Europe-> Benz

autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-1 autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-2


->Automatic selection->turn on ignition->reading VIN…system initializing->get VIN->select vehicle month/year->select steering

autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-3 autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-4 autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-5 autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-6

confirm vehicle profile



Part 2 – Control module programming

Select Programming->data loading…system initializing->ME-SFI-Gasoline engine control->system initializing->Control module programming->read the warning notes->Bluetooth is forced to stop for online stabilization->check vin->establishing vehicle communication…checking network->No newer control module-> Control module programming was aborted

autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-8 autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-9 autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-10 autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-11 autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-12


Part 3 – SCN coding

Select SCN Coding->Bluetooth is forced to stop for online stabilization->check vin->read scn procedure

autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-13 autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-14


Step 1 – get scn data from server

->establishing vehicle communication…checking network-> get scn data from server (COMPLETED)


Step 2 – perform scn coding

->establishing vehicle communication->coding is being carried out->control module reset->perform scn coding (COMPLETED)

autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-16 autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-17 autel-ms908p-do-mercedes-scn-coding-18

Scn coding is completed successfully!