OBDSTAR F109 program key for SUZUKI Alto K10 all key lost OK

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It’s newly tested OBDSTAR F109 successfully program new key for SUZUKI Alto K10 all key lost! Check below pictures and steps.


First, connect OBDSTAR F109 with SUZUKI Alto K10 via 16 pin OBD2 port. Use a new key to switch ignition on.

Choose “Function” then “Immobilizer”.

obdstar-f109-program-key-suzuki-alto-k10-all-key-lost-1 obdstar-f109-program-key-suzuki-alto-k10-all-key-lost-2


Next, choose “Immobilizer” function.


Go to “Select from vehicle” then select car model “Alto” car year “03-” and “Type 1”.

obdstar-f109-program-key-suzuki-alto-k10-all-key-lost-4 obdstar-f109-program-key-suzuki-alto-k10-all-key-lost-5


Choose “All keys lost” option.


It will remind you all keys will be erased if continue. Click ENT button to confirm.

And all keys are erased.


Then you need to enter current year and month.

obdstar-f109-program-key-suzuki-alto-k10-all-key-lost-8 obdstar-f109-program-key-suzuki-alto-k10-all-key-lost-9


Now this OBDSTAR F109 SUZUKI Key Programmer successfully makes a new key for SUZUKI Alto K10 when all key lost!


The new key is tested working to start car!


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