OBDSTAR F104 review on Chrysler key program via OBD & pin code read

Being the first professional Chrysler Jeep Dodge key programmer via OBD and pin code reading tool, I am sure you can’t wait to know what Chrysler models OBDSTAR F104 can work on.

OBDSTAR F104 test result (it can do many, so generate links for inquiry)

OBDSTAR f104 chrysler jeep/dodge immo support list

OBDSTAR f104 chrysler mileage support list (also attach mileage correction function for your reference.)



How to use OBDSTAR F104?

Since it program key via OBD, it soon become well-known. Please don’t take that as the tool is difficult to use. On contrary, OBDSTAR F104 could not be more user-friendly! It’s plug_and_play, I need not prepare a laptop, I connect the machine to the OBD port on the car, power on the machine, press the button to operate, and there are instructions on how to do, it’s just like I use I a mobile phone, don’t you agree with me?

Where to get a cheap working OBDSTAR F104?

Paid $209 free shipping (www.uobdii.com on sale, they claim it is lowest price, ends March 31th, 2017 ).