New KEYDIY KD900+ Remote Maker for cell phone replace KD900

Here comes new $259 KEYDIY KD900+ Remote Maker to replace $600 KD900! Generate remote with cell phone via Bluetooth! Good for automotive locksmith, key cutting center, car repair shop and garage.



Tip 1. Check KEYDIY KD900+ user guide firstly!


How to download KD900+ app for Android or IOS phones?

How to install KD900+ battery?

How to pair KD900+ Bluetooth with Android or IOS phones?


Tip 2. Know how use KEYDIY KD900+ and your phone to generate remote key easily!


Step 1: KEYDIY KD900+ Cell Phone Bluetooth Pairing

Power on KEYDIY KD900+ remote generator.

Open KEYDIY KD900+ software, first pair the Bluetooth.

Click “Discover” then “Bluetooth Settings”.


Find Bluetooth “KD900+”, click “Pair”.

Enter pairing pass code “keydiy” and KD900+ Bluetooth pairing OK!


Step 2: KEYDIY KD900+ Remote Generating

Now you can start to generate car remote using KD900+!

Connect the new remote PCB with KD900+ via the programming cable.

Then click “Brands” and choose the car brand you want to make remote key.


For example, Audi 4D0837231 M 315MHz remote key

Select car brand “Audi” then key type “4D0837231M”.


It will show the key information and picture.

Click “Generate”, choose “Generate (Wired)” and wait it show success.

keydiy-kd900-plus-car-remote-generator-bluetooth-android-ios-phone-6 keydiy-kd900-plus-car-remote-generator-bluetooth-android-ios-phone-7

Step3: KEYDIY KD900+ Remote Frequency Test

Go back to “Discover” and choose “Frequency Check”.


Press the remote PCB button and KD900+ will read the new remote key frequency.



In this way, KEYDIY KD900+ Remote Generator generate car remote easily! And you only pay $259 less than half of KD900 cost $600!