NCSExpert errors, what they mean and how to fix

This blog collects some errors of NCSExpert and what they mean and how to fix it. Hope to help customers.

Notice: These solutions are collected from user members, you should try these solutions at your own risk!



COAPI-1020: cannot read file C:\NCSEXPERT\WORK\FSW_PSW.MAN


Rename your modified FSW_PSW.TRC to FSW_PSW.MAN. Refer to the DIY guide and make sure you follow the steps.



Trying to code Mini R56, When select R56 and then press F6 to go back, get the following error:

COAPI-1142: PSW faulty 25_s


When you are working on different model cars, be sure to clear out the content in the file. Do not delete it (the file), just save it as a blank document. This is actually a good thing (recommended) to do after coding a car.

The error popped up because of different values between the 328 and the Mini.

Once you have a blank file, you will not have that error.



COAPI-1141: FSW faulty c:\FSW_PSW.TRC – erase contents of your .man file



Confirm the 2 files C:\NCSEXPER\WORK\FSW_PSW.MAN and C:\NCSEXPER\WORK\FSW_PSW.TRC are empty and there both 0KB.



when trying to code X5 2011.

Got this: FA: # -kle1


Update your NCS with ista/p v41. Need the v41 daten in order to do anything with the car. Usually when you get those errors, it’s because the vehicle has an option code (or build criterion code) in the FA that the loaded daten doesn’t understand/recognize and you need to grab the latest daten so NCS Expert knows how to handle the options.






1) You might have a bad daten file. In order to determine whether you do or you don’t….download the TRC file. Rename it to MAN without altering anything in it. Then attempt to code with that UNCHANGED man file. If you still receive the COAPI-1043 error then it’s a bad daten file. Find an older or newer CAS2.C05 and replace the CAS2.05 file in your current daten folder.

2) If it’s not a bad daten (i.e. it didnt get kicked back) then it is bad coding. Whatever changes you are trying to make in you MAN file prior to upload are not understood by the car. The code is nonexistent and better research needs to be done in order to code the right module. All cars are not created equal so make sure you understand where you got the code from and who had success using it.