How does OPCOM OP-COM program Opel Corsa C BCM? (Guide)

This is a guide for you to use OPCOM interface to program BCM for Opel Corsa C 2002. OP-COM is good to reset, replace and reprogram BCM for Opel and Vauxhall cars!

Step1. Open OP-COM software. Click “Diagnostics” and choose “2002” and “Corsa-C”. Choose “Body” then “Body Control Module”.

opcom-program-opel-corsa-c-bcm-1 opcom-program-opel-corsa-c-bcm-2

Step2. Click “Programming” then “Programming”.


Choose “Security Code” and enter correct security code, click “OK”.



Step3. Click “Reset BCM” and OPCOM will reset BCM successfully soon. (Please wait at least 10 seconds after you’ve turn off ignition)


Click “Program BCM” and input security code. It will show “Successfully Programmed”. Then input security code again and you can see “Correct security code entered”.



Step4. Click “Erase Remote Keys” and it show you soon “Reset Completed Successfully”.


Then click “Programming Remote Car Key” and press any button of the remote key. Remote key programmed successfully.


Step5. Click “Vehicle Identification Number Programming” to program VIN. Enter VIN number and click “OK”.


Now go back to main menu and choose “Measuring Blocks”.



Step6. Click “Fault Codes and clear all DTC fault codes from ECM, IPC, SDM, BCM and check if all is working. After that OPCOM (OPCOM V2012 V1.59) can successfully program Opel Corsa C BCM module.

opcom-program-opel-corsa-c-bcm-11 opcom-program-opel-corsa-c-bcm-12 opcom-program-opel-corsa-c-bcm-13