Mercedes W203 read password via IR and read write keys with MB BGA tool

There are four steps for Mercedes W203 read password via IR and read write keys with VVDI MB BGA Tool. Following paragraphs are details.


Step-by-step procedure:

This also applies to Facelift W203, W209 and W211 all key lost.

Step 1: read password via IR

1). Open VVDI MB Tool (e.g. v2.1.1), choose “EIS Tools”, and then tick on “IR”.


2). Choose “w203, 463, 639(k)”


3). Click “Read EIS data and password”


4). Insert IR adapter to car. Take out and insert again if already inserted. Remain 28 seconds.


5). Get message at the bottom “Reading Data success. EIS is normal.”


6). Get window message “Do you want to read password via IR? Read password via IR need about 1-4 minutes”. Click “Yes”


7). you can see a prompt at the bottom reading “Read success, the password is: XXXX”, then input it in the blank box after “Key Pass”


Step 2: Save EIS data

1) Click “Save EIS data”, choose “W203 old”, the file name and type is set as default, click “Save”.


2) Press OK to save hc05 format file.


Step 3: Prepare key file

1) Click “Prepare key file”


2) Click “Load EIS file” to load the hc05 format file.


3) Select key number, then click “Prepare key File”.

-To program small black and chrome keys select V51.

-For old Motorola 2MHZ select V41

-For old Motorola 4MHZ select V11


Step 4: Read Write key

1.)  Click “Read Write key”, and insert key into MB BGA tool slot.


2) Click “Identification Key”, you can see the Status is “0000 – Unuse”, then click “Load key file”.


3) Click “Write”, soon you can see writing data success.


4) Click “Identification Key” you can the key number is 4 and the status.


5) Unplug the IR adapter from eis, and take out the key from the slot of MB BGA tool, then insert the new key into the eis, turn left and turn right, ok.