Keyline 884 decryptor mini copy Fiat ID 49D7 chips

It’s manual of how to use Keyline mini 884 to copy ID 49D7 keys for FIAT PUNTO 2.

Here are the steps…

Connect keyline cloning tool to the pc using the supplied usb cable

keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-1 keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-2


Launch keyline cloning tool app and Log in

keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-3 keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-4

Insert the original key to keyline mini 884

keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-5 keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-6

Remove the original key from884 decryptor mini

Then insert the TKM key

keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-7 keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-8

Remove the TKM key

Go to the car

Insert the TKM key in the car and turn on the dashboard for 8 times

keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-9 keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-10


completely remove the key between one operation and the next;

Wait for 5 seconds to go on between two operation

Then insert the TKM key into keyline 884


Remove the TKM key and insert the original key into keyline 884 cloning tool

Wait for the info until the calculation completes

keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-12 keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-13

Remove the original key and insert the TKM key into 884 mini


Copying: writing

keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-15 keyline-cloning-tool-copy-key-16

Then remove the TKM key to test it on the car and verify its functionality