Mercedes Password Calculation: When+How many tokens+How much+Where to?

Every time you need to calculate password with 1 or 2 token(s) using VVDI MB TOOL, when you add a new key to Mercedes -Benz, even with all keys lost.


  1. When password is required?

You need password when add a new keys or do all keys lost?

  1. Calculation password free or not?

Free but need token

  1. 1 or 2 tokens?

It depends. add new keys with one key available=1 token;
program new keys when all keys lost= 2 tokens

  1. All key lost =1 token?

Nope. 2 tokens  for all keys lost

  1. All Mercedes cars requires tokens for password calculation?

Yep. All need tokens

  1. Where to get tokens for pass calculation?

Look here:

you can buy token for 1 or 5 times or for no limitation for 1 year.

  1. How much?

It depends.

1 token used at any time: 25 usd

5 token used at any time: 120 usd

unlimited tokens for a year: 380 usd