(Manual) VW IMMO OFF/ON EDC15 by Universal Julie Emulator

This is a how-to guide manual for Universal Julie Emulator VW EDC15 IMMO OFF/ IMMO ON function. Check below for more details!


Please make sure before start:

Engine capacity: 1.2TDI, 1.4 TDI, 1.9 TDI, 2.5 TDI with W2 and W3 systems, diesel engines from 2000 to 2004, some to 2006, and even 2008 (except Audi with coded pump) Suitable for vehicles with 2-socket ECUs.

julie-emulator-vw-edc15-immo-off-immo-on-2 julie-emulator-vw-edc15-immo-off-immo-on-3

Program selection is effected by proper soldering of jumpers.

Before using this emulator, check if there is a connection between ECU and OBDII.

What will Julie Car Emulator do?

  1. Julie Car Emulator replaces damaged immobilizer, instrument cluster.
  2. Or once it connects to car OBD socket, the car key immo get removed.
  3. In the case of losing your car keys, you will be able to drive to nearest car garage.
  4. Solve problem: Engine Control Module get blocked by immobilizer when connect ECU with a diagnostic interface or car start then die.

How to use Julie Emulator to do IMMO OFF/ON VW EDC15?

Disconnect plug with wires from Julie Emulator.


Select program for soldering jumpers.


Connect the wires to OBD2 socket.


Turn on ignition and wait 20 seconds.

When the ignition turned, connect the emulator plug to emulator PCB.


Blue LED will flash fast and after several seconds the LED should light constantly and blink every two seconds.

Turn off ignition and disconnect Julie Emulator.

Note: For 14 pin socket in LT, the procedure is the same as 16 pin OBD socket. Check below wiring diagram:


Pay attention please!

VW EDC15 IMMO OFF/ ON programs are a single use and they can only be used in one car!

Julie Emulator will not remove immo due to a program change to flash memory in ECU EDC15 Audi A6 2.5TDI V6 2003.

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