Making choices of INPA, Carsoft, EDIABAS as BMW Diagnostic Tool

What is the software of choice for diagnosing BMW? I realize that people have different needs so here I will enumerate three tools to offer reference for you.


1st choice: BMW INPA K+CAN With FT232RQ Chip with Switch


  • $16.99
  • Works on BMW with 8 pin and with K-LINE protocol
  • Features: Read and delete errors, Adaptations, Driver programming, Applu coding, etc…
  • Supports Protocols:
  • Fast magisterial D-CAN and PT-CAN (500 kbit/s)
  • Slow magisterial K-CAN (100 kbit/s)
  • Standard BMW protocol (BMW OBD interface).
  • INPA is a diagnostic interpreter program that communicates with your car usingBMW’s own factory developed Electronic Diagnosis and Information protocol (EDIABAS). INPA is a powerful and comprehensive diagnostic tool but there is no simple handbook available that I know of which will comprehensively explain its operation or functions. The bottom line with INPA is if you do not understand what a particular function does, you are probably better off leaving that function alone, but having said that, the level of diagnostic functionality is truly exceptional.


2nd choice: BMW Carsoft 6.5 ECU programmer


  • $42.99
  • Features: Service interval reset, component activation, live data, LCM reading, sync. EWS and ECU, adaptation values, and coding.
  • Supports Vehicles:

E30, AB From 1998, E36, KOMBI Except kompakt, ZKE From 1994, ZVM Till 1994, E46, Z3, E34, KOMBI From 02/98, E39, E53-X5, E32

  • Carsoft is designed to allow home-mechanics to read and erase fault codes and reset service intervals. It has the capability to access most modules in your car including airbags, can display live engine data on post 1996 models and test components such as power windows and central locking.


3rd choice: BMW EDIABAS OBDII RS232 Interface


  • $29.99
  • EDIABAS can accomplish virtually any programming/diagnostic or coding function, but since it is only a computer protocol, requires seperate programs to interface between the user and EDIABAS so that it can receive and trasmit instructions. For example INPA communicates with EDIABAS to perform diagnostics, NCS to perform coding and NFS to perform programming functions. NCS and NFS are not particularly user-friendly and require fairly intimate knowledge of BMW systems to use. If used incorrectly, programs which communicate via EDIABAS have the potential to destroy computer modules, making replacement the only viable option.