Lexia 3 cable review: Test on Citroen and Peugeot

Lexia 3 Chinese interface test:


It works on both my 2002 2.0 HDI and 2004 2.0 HDIs

works OK on the c5 very helpful bloke with remote set up

Lexia will work with the wife’s Pug 107 using Citröen software.


I’ve personally used it on a Xantia V6 Mk2, a 2002 C5 HDi 110 Diesel Automatic and a C4 Picasso (RichardW’s) without any issues so far.


it talks happily to our Peugeot 308 CC


I have only used it on a 308, but i think that the 308 has the same bus configuration as the C5 X7


Have my Peugeot 207 of 2007 diagnosed and updated its ECU.


Talks to my Peugeot 307

lexia-3-psa-review-6 lexia-3-psa-review-7


Works well on Citroen C5

lexia-3-psa-review-1 lexia-3-psa-review-2 lexia-3-psa-review-3 lexia-3-psa-review-4

The Chinese interface…. I’m using the site:http://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/lexia-3-for-citroen-peugeot-with-original-chip.html