2020 Launch X431 V+ & HDIII Heavy Duty adapter Review

2020 Launch X431 V+ HDIII adapter is used for diagnosing heavy duty trucks and performing some special functions. It improves greatly in terms of hardware configuration and optimizes the software to be more user-friendly and to cover a wide range of vehicles up to 2020 year.


Advanced hardware configuration:

Elegant tablet and more advanced HDII adapter

High-definition touch screen (1920*1200);

Smart and sensitive operating speed (with Lenovo Tablet TB-X605FC, Android 9,RAM 2G  Storage 32GB CPU Snapdragon 450 Display).

More user-friendly software:

  1. Multilingual: English, German, French, Italy.
  1. Enable “Camera scan (VIN)”:

With the camera, X431 V+ allows you to tap “VIN scan” -> “Camera Scan” to take photo of the VIN and automatically input it, which will be 100% correct instead of manually inputting it.

x431-v-plus-hdiii-heavy-duty-adapter-review-02 x431-v-plus-hdiii-heavy-duty-adapter-review-03 x431-v-plus-hdiii-heavy-duty-adapter-review-04

X431 V+ with add-on HDII module is compatible with newest 2020 heavy duty trucks.

You can either view on the official website (http://qcar.x431.com/newqcar/ ) or on the machine. For example, it covers Hino from 1996 -2020 year.


A wide range of Heavy Duty Trucks coverage:

Truck, bus, machinery, Engine, New Energy etc.

  1. For Truck:

HD_Demo, Astra, Mercedes Benz, Credo, DAF, DFL, ERF, FAW, Ford, Foton, Freightliner, Bremach, Fuso, Ashok leyland, Hino, Hyundai, International, Iris Bus, Isuzu, Iveco, JAC, JMC, Kenworth, Mack, Man, OBD, Renault, Scania, Sinotruck, Sterling, Tata, UD, Volvo, Western STAR.

x431-v-plus-hdiii-heavy-duty-adapter-review-06 x431-v-plus-hdiii-heavy-duty-adapter-review-07

  1. For Bus:

Higer, Hino, Hyundai, Irizar, Isuzu, Man, Neoplan, OBD, Renault, Setra, Sitcar, Sunlong, Sunwin, Volvo, Zhongtong.


  1. For Machinery:

HD_Demo, Mercedes Benz, Caterpillar, Hino, Isuzu, OBD, Volvo.


  1. For Engine:

HD_Demo, Caterpillar, Chaochai, Cummins, Dachai , Detroit, OBD, Quanchai, Shangchai, WP, Xichai, Yangchai, Yuchai.


  1. For New Energy:

HD_Demo, Chaochai, Cummins, OBD

ECU: ABS, Allison, Bosch, SCR, OBD

Program: Allison, Chaochai,Detroit, Yangchai etc.


X431 V+ with HDII module: professional diagnostic tool + special functions

It is not only a professional diagnostic tool, but also a service reset tool, how many special functions it supports, it depends the specific vehicle model.

Take Cummins for example, after entering “System Automatic”, it has options: read vehicle information, read DTC, clear fault memory, read data stream, read freeze frame, actuation test, feature and parameter, advanced ECM data.

For more other vehicle’s function list, please go to the above official sit to search.


Then go on entering “read DTC” and we will see not only DTC codes, but also the description and status. At this moment, X431 V+ plays a role of tablet, it’s really user-friendly

x431-v-plus-hdiii-heavy-duty-adapter-review-13 x431-v-plus-hdiii-heavy-duty-adapter-review-14

FreightLiner has “Special Function”, “Actuation Test” “Data Stream” options, they are all very necessary for the technicians.

x431-v-plus-hdiii-heavy-duty-adapter-review-15 x431-v-plus-hdiii-heavy-duty-adapter-review-16


The last one menu I want to emphasize is “Feedback “.

In the process of testing, if you can’t test or encounter other problems, you are allowed to submit the logs in testing to the Launch server.  Then the engineers will analyze and find out the problem to help you solve it.


Alright, the next paragraph will be on how to register Launch X431 V+:

For the first time to use the table, you are required to register a member, so that your machine will be protected by Launch and data will be safe, also enjoy the free update.

  1. Select “Login”.


  1. Select “New registration”.


  1. Inputthe user name & password,the usual email address. Select the country. Input the CAPTCHA verification code. Click on “Register”.


  1. Input the SN number insideof the envelope, and to activate the password–click ACTIVATE.


  1. Congratulations! you’ve registered successfully, you can use the machine.


  1. Diagnostic software update.

I selected all available newest truck software to update, just wait until it succeed.

x431-v-plus-hdiii-heavy-duty-adapter-review-24 x431-v-plus-hdiii-heavy-duty-adapter-review-25

How to bind X431 V+ and HDII?

Firstly, follow the above procedure to register as a car member ( open the envelope in X431 V+) .

Secondly, enter “User Info”.


Thirdly, take out the envelope in HDIII adapter, select “Activate VCI” and then follow the prompt to input serial number of activation code.


Finally, go to the car account to bind the truck module. After that, click on “Update” to update all cars and trucks brands.


Alright, to read more operation guide of Launch X431 V+ & HD3 Heavy Duty Module at this blog, and if you have no idea if your truck is supported, welcome to visit

Launch X431