Launch X431 Pad 7 Review: A must have for professional workshop

Launch X431 Pad 7 review by James: A must have for professional workshop

Launch X431 Pad 7 scanner comes with enough adapters to enables you scan and diagnose even OBD 1 vehicles. A great value for the money. The powerful feature of this launch ×431 pad 7 is that it can do programming for enough vehicles, which is reason enough for everyone to firmly choose it. This diagnostic tool is said to be able to program over 20 car models. I have a Mercedes Benz, and the car battery voltage is insufficient which result in module data loss. the fault code guided me to program the ECU, I did it and it was very successful! This X431 tool even supports backing up data from original vehicle CU that other auto scanners couldn’t do. More features, like online matching and calibration, are to be discovered by me. I’m very pleased with the purchase.
Highly recommend this launch X431 Pad7 diagnostic scanner to other people.

Launch x431 Pad 7 review by Wendy: the best tool for money

i gave it 5 stars for its powerful functions. it works as advertised and meets almost all needs of the repair shop. the packing box is solid and the tablet is protected with soft glue making it a ultra level tool, overall the tool is great replacement for snap on scanner.

Launch X431 Pad 7 review by Remi: Awesome scanner tool

I purchased the LAUNCH X431 Pad 7 about two weeks ago, so far I had absolutely no problem with it. It had been very helpful to my diagnosis and repair works. There are a lot of adapters and cables for various vehicles in the box. The large tablet with 13-inch screen is like no other. It’s fantastic and easy to set up as well. I loves dual WIFI system which maintains faster and more stable connection during diagnostics .
The tool can do so many things other products can’t ,specifically for professional repair,programming ecm for BMW, multiple services lfunctions ,even doing a scan you will find codes that didn’t know were even there.
All performed well. Forget Snap on tools or Matco,they are not in the same level. I highly recommend this all-in-one diagnostic tool to you if you have a repair shop. It’s a real bang for the buck.