Launch X431 IMMO Plus/Elite Generate and Program Cadillac SLS Key

How to use Launch X431 IMMO Plus/IMMO Elite and X431 Key Programmer Remote Maker to generate and program a new key to Cadillac SLS?

It needs to upgrade and set up Launch Tool to work with X431 Key Programmer first, and then perform the related key matching function.

Operation Guide:

Connect Launch X431 Remote Maker, IMMO matching tool and vehicle properly

1.Click Key Programmer>> Update to check if the software is the latest version.

2.Click “Read Transponder”

Put the original car key close to the X431 Key Programmer

Click “Read Transponder” to identify the chip info

Remember the original car key chip model after reading

3.Click “Frequency detection”

Put the original car key next to the programmer

Detect the frequency successfully.

4.Click “Vehicle Remote”

Select Cadillac >> SLS >> SLS KeylessGo ID46 315M

Put the new key into the coil of Launch X431 Key Programmer Remote Maker

Click “Generate”

Generate remote successfully

5.Click “IMMO”

Select GM>> Anti-Theft Key Matching>> Manually Select (Via Model)>> Cadillac>> (9) 2009>> SLS-D (VIN 4)>> Immobilizer Key Matching (Intelligent Key)>> Intelligent Key Matching

Turn off the ignition and turn on the hazard warning lamp

The immobilizer should be able to accept new remote control keys.

Operate carefully as follows steps

  • Turn off the hazard warning lamp and disconnect the test tool
  • Turn the key in the driver door or trunk lock to unlock for 6 times
  • Learn remote control keys according to the prompt on the instrument panel

Program key successfully

Cadillac SLS key generation and programming is completed with X431 IMMO Plus/ X431 IMMO Elite and Launch key programmer.