Thinkdiag vs Autel AP200 OBD2 Scanner

Interested in one of this lite diagnostic tool( Thinkdiag & Autel AP200), what are the similarities and differences, which one is better? Go on reading.


  1. Both are subscription per make. Both come with 1 year free subscription for 1 make. Biggest difference is that the thinkdiag is bidirectional. Can do actuation test and special functions. More similar to their pro device. AP200 only read, clear codes, live data, and some resets. More similar to an MK808.  I would highly recommend thinkdiag over Ap200.

Launch Thinkdiag subscription (free & paid):

Three Free Software: EOBD+DEMO + One Car Software

Manufacturer Software Price for Each: $39.95/year
Reset Software Price for Each: $49.95/year

ThinkDiag covers 115 major vehicle manufacturers in the market, and keep updating

Autel AP200 subscription (free & paid):

With One Free Vehicle Software + More Maker ($21.99 for IOS or Android)

  1. autel AP200 just for diagnostics, if you want that and more like adaptation, reset maybe some coding than Launch Thinkdiag.
  2. Launch has more functions than autel ap200. Definitely Launch is better.
  3. AP200 can detect DTC better in some cars, so if you can get the two device, it will be perfect.
  4. It all depends on what you want to do versus price..for one car just looking at data values without being able to change values or do actuation ..ap200, else easydiag
  5. I use Launch for years now and now for me it’s the best universal diagnostic there is. Friend has Autel but prefers Lauch since we have it on our phone and you just have to carry connector with you. As far as functionality I do everything with Launch (i only do coding and programming with original diagnostics like ODIS etc), everything else for me works perfect but it’s important that you pick the right connector and the right activation. Don’t buy clones!!!

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