Launch ThinkDiag Actuation Tests on Chevrolet Suburban 2015

Here is a real test report on Launch ThinkDiag perform actuation tests on Chevrolet Suburban 2015 for Window up & down action,windshield and headlights.



Connect Launch ThinkDiag tool to Chevrolet Suburban OBD port,the green light on it indicates that connection bulit.

Note:Please turn your engine on before testing.


Then it will decode VIN automatically for your veicle

When decoding complete,it will show the vehicle information.

Please press “Next Step” to continue

Select “System Selection”

Select “Body Control Module(BCM)”

After reading for data,select “Actuation Test”

Now you will see the options available for actuation test:Chassis Control,Content Theft Deterrent Alarm Trigger,Electric Power Management,Exterior Lighting,Interior Lighting,Keyless Entry,Power Mode,Vehicle access,Windows,Wipers.

Here select “Windows”

Select “Driver Window Motor”,press “Up” or “Down”



Windshield Washer Repay



Exterior Lighting