Launch M-Diag Lite Review diagnose Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram truck

Launch M-Diag Lite review for sharing: How I use Launch M-Diag Lite to quick test and scan all systems for Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram truck?


Last month I came across this Launch M-Diag Lite Bluetooth OBDII Adapter for Android IOS, bought it $69.99 with free shipping and one free car software, I choose Chrysler.

Until yesterday I tested it on a 2010 Dodge Ram pickup, it seems good so far!


Below is my operating process. Sorry for the small pictures, I don’t know why…

First, I download the Launch M-Diag Lite app from Google Play Store.

Install it on my Android phone, no problem.


Find the OBD2 port below the steering wheel, above the brake pedal.

Plug Launch M-Diag Lite in Ram OBD2 port, I can see the blue and red indicators. It connects with truck OK!


Then I set my phone Bluetooth ON. And it asks me to turn car ignition on and make sure car is stop.

It’s ready and show tip “Diagnosis is starting”.


After that I can open Chrysler software V30.90.


I click “Automatically Search”, it read out the car info.

launch-m-diag-lite-review-diagnose-chrysler-dodge-ram-truck-7 launch-m-diag-lite-review-diagnose-chrysler-dodge-ram-truck-8


Click “System Scan” to fully scan and check all systems status.


It starts to scan truck modules until 100% complete.

launch-m-diag-lite-review-diagnose-chrysler-dodge-ram-truck-10 launch-m-diag-lite-review-diagnose-chrysler-dodge-ram-truck-11

When finish, I click the PCM module and see Launch M-Diag Lite Plus Dodge Ram PCM menu:


Read& clear fault codes, read data stream, read config, actuation test and special reset, system test and OBDII test.