KWP2000 Plus Read ECU of 2001 Seat Ibiza Cupra 6k2

Got KWP2000 ECU remap flasher last year from China for remapping once, but the CD software was gone now. Google to find useful software offered in a forum. Decided to be at risk to have a try…

Tips from a forum like that:
KWP2000 ME7.x.x (Genesis edition) for VAG cars.
This software can be used for flashing VAG ME7.x ecus with old KWP2000 tool.
There are only 2 products to make the universe work properly – Duct tape and WD40. If it moves and it shouldn’t – Duct tape. If it doesn’t move and it should – WD40. Everything else is just stuff.

Now this awesome ECU tuning tool has successfully read the ECU of my Seat Ibiza Cupra 6k2 from 2001.
How did i perform this?
1. Need a computer to install KWP2000 Plus software
2. Connect kwp2000+ to PC via USB cable
3. Enter car, with KWP2000+
4. Plug in the kwp2000 + module
5. Put key in the ignition but don’t turn it yet.
6. Put a clip on fuse 26 but don’t pull it yet.
7. Now you turn on the ignition. Don’t start the engine
8. Within 5 seconds oull fuse 26
9. Congrats now you are in bootmode
10. Start the awesome tool
11. Kick it
12. Put speed on slow
13. Read Seat ECU
Click read button to read out the original data
(I just read ecu. To write ecu is also okay, only to click write button and select the file you want to write…Save the file to you HD, edit or forward it -Follow the instructions on screen…Finally switch off ignition and wait 10 seconds)
14. Enjoy

Hope my experience on KWP200+ ecu reading help you all.