BMW Easycoding Software download and installation

Software download
Software installation
Decompress EasyCoding_setup_V1.0 package and release the folder setup.exe or you can find setup.exe from manufacturer’s Sandisk. The following is an example:

Welcome to the BMWEasyCoding Setup Wizard, click 【Next】
EasyCoding setup-01
Select Destination Location, press 【Next】
EasyCoding setup-02
Select Start Menu Folder, press 【Next】
EasyCoding setup-03
Choose “Create a desktop icon” and then press 【Next】
EasyCoding setup-04
Press 【Install】
EasyCoding setup-05
Press 【Finish】to operate “EasyCoding
EasyCoding setup-06 EasyCoding setup-07
If Superdog is not inserted, the following information will pop up.
EasyCoding setup-08
If Superdog is inserted, you will enter software application interface.
EasyCoding setup-09